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                Steel Product Non-steel Product

                Continuously set records for the world's thinniest hot rolled strip, reducing energy consumption by 50-70% and 60-80%

                • ESP commercial grades Hot Rolled Coil

                  At present, the main grades include two parts: re-rolling grades, Q215B and SPHC for domestic, SPHT1、SPHC(B)、DD11、HR 235(B)、SAE1006、SAE1008 for export; Structural grade, Q235B for domestic, S235JRB、SPHT2、A36B、SS400B for export. The advantages of ESP hot-rolled products are thin gauge, high dimensional accuracy, excellent processing performance and high yield. The thin gauge hot rolled coil has great potential market for hot rolled instead of cold rolled. The ESP can meet the needs of shearing, rolling, bending, punching and simple drawing. Widely used in welded pipe, steel structure, cable tray, shelves, hardware, machinery, electrical cabinets, vehicles and other industries.

                • ESP hot rolled Low-alloy and High-strength Structural Steel

                  The advantages of ESP low-alloy and high-strength structural steel are thin specification (currently the thinnest 1.5mm), high dimensional accuracy, excellent machining performance, and high yield, can replace cold rolled steel in some applications. It is suitable for the cold forming industry with high strength requirements, such as photovoltaic bracket, shelf, scaffold, elevator guide rail, steel structure, etc. which can meet the basic rolling, bending, punching and shearing molding technology.

                • ESP High strength auto frame steel

                  ESP High strength auto frame steel has the following advantages : high dimensional accuracy, ultra-thin thickness, flat plate shape, excellent cold forming processing performance, and good welding performance. It is widely used in the fields of cold bending section steel of trailer, bottom plate of trailer, high strength pipe for bus, longitudinal beam of light truck container, etc.

                • Hot Rolled High Quality Carbon Structural Steel

                  ESP medium and high carbon steel has the following advantages: extreme thin thickness, high dimensional accuracy, stable chemical composition, uniform mechanical property and no decarburization layer. After being cold-rolled, it is widely used in chains, measuring tools, cutting tools, safety belt buckles, saw blades, hardware products, etc.

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